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November 2008

DarTape Owner Wins Outstanding Achievment Award

DarTape president and owner, Bernadette Darling, was awarded the 2008 Susanne Thaler, Rising Star Award. The award, given by South Carolina business journal, GSA Business, goes to an outstanding woman in business in upstate South Carolina. The award selection is based on achievements made in business within the last year, leadership of the individual in their industry and leadership and involvement within the community. Darling says, "I know what I've accomplished, but to be recognized for it is such an honor." The award is named after the late Susanne Thaler, founder of GSA Business and is intended to inspire and encourage women in business.

Bernadette Darling and Susanne Thaler Holding the Rising Star Award

Production Expansion
December 2009 

DarTape has annouced an increase to existing spooling capacity.  The 9 head spooling line manufactured by Sahm in Spartanburg, SC is set to be delivered in mid December 2009.  President, Bernie Darling, explained that the new line was needed to keep up with the continued growth of DarTape's extended liner tape line.   She explained, "it is really wonderful that with the economy, DarTape is in a position to have to increase capacity instead of trying to fill what is existing".   

Product Line Expansion
August 2008

DarTape will soon be adding additional production lines that will triple our extended liner tape capability.   The new lines are set to deliver in October 2008.

5 Year Anniversary

DarTape celebrated its five year anniversary on April 26, 2008.  DarTape president Bernadette Darling commented "The five years seemed to fly by until you take a look at how far we have really come.  I look back to pictures of our humble beginnings in a 4,000 square foot building with only a couple of machines and realize how proud we all should be of the hard work that went into growing the company and of our accomplishments as they stand today.  We have the stage set for the next five years!"