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The DarTape team has the product knowledge, technical skill and experience to help you improve your business. We have a full scale manufacturing facility that can handle your specialized tape converting needs. Our production capabilities include:

• Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Coating
• Slitting
• Laminating
• Exchanging Liners

• Extended Liners
• Die Cutting
• Spooling

Rolls of Tape

Slitting Lines in Tape


DarTape has multiple slitting lines that can handle starting web widths of 60 inches and slit down to a width of 1/4"


DarTape can spool your 1.5" to 3/8" width of tape on either 6 inch or 3 inch cores, making the final product length up to 30,000 feet per spool.

Tape Being Spooled

Tape in a Die Cutting Press

Die Cutting

The very first piece of equipment that DarTape purchased as a company was a rotary die cutting press made by Sohn Manufacturing.  We have multiple die stations and can handle a web width of up to 12 inches.  We can also slit and duplex rewind in-line which makes it the perfect machine for narrow rolls of die cut materials.


DarTape can custom design your special tape construction. Need to laminate in a foam or second liner, exchange a liner, cut, pattern or perf the construction or part of the construction? DarTape can provide you with the perfect converting solution.

Rolls of Tape on a Machine